30 October 2012 - 3:17pm


In answer to poorly executed Calibration Days, we have devised a novel solution in our successful BAG & TAG days.

BAG & TAG days are  easy for everyone!

  1. End user simply drops off their meters
  2. Local branch boxes up  using labels supplied, calls to arrange collection by 12.30pm.
  3. Guaranteed 72hrs return hasslefree no minimum number of meters required. 

Customer Review:-

We organised a bag and tag day for the 4th October with yourselves.
We received all our meters back on the day and packed them ready for you to collect on the thursday afternoon.
They were all back with us monday morning, which was very prompt.
15 very happy customers.
Thanks for your help, and the pens and t shirts.
We will pencil it in for next year. We may have another small one in april.