18 March 2013 - 3:38pm

Collecting for Comic Relief

Kewtech’s Paul Rutter braved the elements and went collecting for Comic Relief in Soho Square last Friday.

Great result and raised over £1500.  The antics were threefold: challenge passers-by to a table tennis game at £2.00 if we lost we put in the same amount, selling cupcakes and lastly by just shaking the collection bucket!

In Paul’s words, ‘despite the cold the day it was very rewarding I found my forte was in selling cupcakes and not in playing table tennis! 

My lasting thoughts are:

I will view people collecting money in a different light now!

Not to judge people, I thought it prudent not to ask passing homeless persons to contribute – but one came up to me and said ”I have had a good day today”  and she put some of her hard won cash in the bucket!

It should have been called blue nose in tune with the “freezing” temperatures!’