KTD40 Digital Loop/PSC Tester with ATT

Product Information


  • Great value for money, great specification in a hand held style of case
  • High current loop test actually reads true loop impedance ubstead of loop resistance - beneficial when measuring Ze near a transformer   
  • Low current loop test for bypassing both passive and electronic RCDs
  • The KTD40 uses the very latest in electronic design to produce a compact and feature packed test instrument. For instance it includes a full socket tester that will check for 18 socket wiring conditions. It will also check for the very hazardous condition of a reversal of line/neutral at the supply.
  • This instrument is capable of measuring true loop impedance, this gives more relevant information when testing PSC/PFC as the reactance of the suppliers transformer is measured as well as the pure loop resistance.
  • With the optional distribution board test lead set a high current two wire test can be carried out.
  • PFC or PSC is displayed after a loop test has been carried out, it is shown instantly after the press of a second button to change the display.


  • Low current – non trip – and high current loop impedance (Patented)
  • High current test reads true loop impedance (including the supply transformer's reactance)
  • Full socket tester functionality built in
  • Unique mains supply polarity test (checks that line and neutral are not switched at the supply)
  • Instant readout of PFC/PSC by means of a secondary button
  • Voltage test function L-N, L-E & N-E
  • Fully protected against accidental phase to phase connection


KAMP13UK - Mains Test lead only
Certificate of Conformity


ACC016E - Distribution board test leads


  • Boxed Weight: 590kg
  • Boxed Dimensions: 197(W)x280(H)x50(D)mm