We can be optimistic

Lockdown II, seemingly, has had the effect of reducing the R rate, although it can be said in some areas better than others. We just have to keep up the basic precautions to enable the country and the NHS to function until the vaccines kick in. As there have been several different type of vaccine programmes all showing good test results, we can be optimistic that we will begin to see the back of the pandemic soon.

The economic forecast also gives us reason to be optimistic, the recovery continuing positively and steadily, reaching pre-pandemic level at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022. 

There is a 'fly in the ointment' and that is the Brexit trade deal or not. With a 'no trade deal' outcome the forecast put out by the ONS shows that there will be another economic decline in January then the recovery starts again. However, this will be longer and slower than the deal scenario and even when we catch up with the pre-pandemic level, perhaps by the beginning of 2023, we will still be behind.

Athough worldwide, politicians seem to be less grounded than ever, you have to think that if we can't do a deal with our largest trading partner then obviously, we will be in for a rough ride. As there is so much at stake, we can be optimistic that common sense will prevail.